About Rhonda Cooper

Hi!  I am Rhonda Cooper. “I am a designer of a better way of doing things; never in service of the system always in service of users of the system.”  This statement described my ideal career in a strengths test that I took several years ago.  It stood out to me as it accurately describes my passion for continuous improvement, developing systems and processes, and helping others.  With over 16 years in industry in engineering and leadership,  I am excited to share my strengths and passions to help individuals and businesses.  

What’s Happening Backstage?

As a kid I remember going to plays and performances and thinking about the action happening behind the scenes, not just on stage.  I considered the people backstage coordinating the lights, the costume changes, and the scenery.  What systems did they have in place to make the whole performance happen without a hitch?  During a recent vacation at Disney World, I couldn’t help but think about all of the different business processes taking place to make it “The Most Magical Place on Earth.”  Again thinking about the “backstage” processes, I appreciated the janitorial staff, the food service, and the transportation systems.  As an adult, I realize that I may be unique in considering the behind the scene processes – others are probably just enjoying the play and riding Space Mountain….


In the corporate world, I manage process improvements and system development for large scale projects and programs (i.e. help to improve a lot of the backstage processes for a large corporation that does hard things).  The skills and methodology that I have used in industry can be utilized and shared to organize a home or business.  

Professional Organizing

When I read that professional organizers “work with individuals and companies to help them create and maintain organizational systems so they can become more efficient and productive”, I decided I needed to learn more about the profession and how to get involved.  I joined NAPO – National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals.  In my opinion, professional organizers are “a designer of a better way of doing things; never in service of the system always in service of users of the system”.  What I’m trying to say is, what organization project do you need help with and when do we start?  

Do you have a project that you are not sure on how to get started, what to do, or maybe need some help breaking the project into achievable tasks?  Are you ready to get started on your own improvement activity?  I’m ready to help!  Please contact me here.